Ways to make money as an artist

3 Keys To Making It As An Artist (Without Starving)

Ways to make money as an artist

“following your passion” and “doing what you love” as an artist will not necessarily turn you into a superstar or pay your bills – not unless other people actually find what you produce to be meaningful. i know a lot of very talented artist and many of them are lazy, yes i said lazy they only want to make art when the feeling hits them!, the first link to your site is broken: it brings us to ‘the abundant ant artist’.’s ridiculous to call artist’s lazy or that they lack skills and confidence or connections. there are indeed many artists who are more than willing to charge more, who are not working as starving artists – but several of the comments on this very post actually prove the point i was trying to make. i’ll simply say that it took two things: changing the connection between my self-worth and money; and learning what i needed to do in order to make money. together, these can make it easy for some artists to undervalue. like what you are saying about the starving artist thing being offensive – i agree. post, and i really appreciate artists getting addressed on a website about wealth. art and design are hard work and like @pye mentions a few comments below, if the artist does not value their work first then there is no way to sell that work for what it’s worth. i am a artist and i never let that “struggling artist crap penetrate.! not sure why ramit is being such a d… harsh on artists. unemployed artists always feel like art is not that important and turn to other careers while their talents falter, while the richer ones know that art is pivotal is advertising, marketing campaigns, and more. most of the artists i know have no problem pricing their art very well. nonprofit galleries typically do not “represent” artists or enter into contractual relationships with them. also think there is that whole dangerous bohemian culture thing, where if you’re not living on ramen in an apartment where the bathtub is in the kitchen, you’re not a serious artist. have often struggled with pricing my work: i know there are better artists than me, and i sympathize with people that have small budgets, but since i have gone full time artist, the necessity that i make money has allowed me to charge more without feeling guilty about it., i’m a photographer who is enrolled in ramit’s earn1k class, and i’m learning a lot about analyzing my offerings to my market to make sure it’s marketable. so art schools don't talk about the survival aspects of being an artist, they offer precious little instruction in how to make enough money to survive and worst of all, they appear to discourage their graduates from venturing outside academically oriented realms to learn the practical kinds of survival techniques that work in the real world. which is why so many smart and successful artists outsource their bookkeeping stuff…. you can read more about it in elizabeth currid’s phd dissertation turned book, the warhol economy (which, by the way, is a great example of how to turn your god-given talents in to money)..only i have walked the streets and posted at events and shows and it makes money but to make honest living i would say not…. i think it takes more work, hustle and initiative for today’s picassos to make a mark than ever before.

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is not just endemic of artists many people in all business have this fear of putting their self out there as if it was a bad thing! the entrepreneurial artist today that makes or want to make money is the ones that cheat the system and think outside the box, now if i can only find an article about that. the trouble is, we have to answer questions about if we “really make money doing this” pretty much forever.. hope and pray that what they produce as personal expressions are appealing to other people – so appealing that they will buy a piece or buy a ticket, over and over again, and hopefully even cross the line into philanthropy – just giving you money so you’ll keep doing it. are tons of reasons why blogging is a good idea for artists. thoughts as a musical theater/cabaret singer currently in new york:The draw of performing, working with other artists, growing as an individual creative entity often “feels” like payment on the emotional level, therefore some artists feel unable to charge a certain amount per performance, rehearsal, “gig.@ramit – it’s good to hear there are some artists in your earn 1k course. the buyers are the ones who go to “starving artists” hotel sales to find something that fits their couch for nothing. the art-making process for many artists – though clearly not some of the savvy artist/entrepreneurs commenting here – completely disregards audience. what i want to emphasize is that artists should stop trying to win the game, and start trying to change the game.[…] if money-making is an art, shouldn’t all artists be rich? hints at another thing: most new artists are also so keen to get their name out there that they don’t fully invest time in assessing the project. there’s also the myth of “paying your dues” and working pro bono until you have a “name” for yourself, and thus can start charging any amount of money for your time, talent and effort. however, he’s completely eaten up by the “starving artist” thing, so he won’t market himself to any people of note, won’t drop his crappy label and won’t get a manager. problem for artists / entrepreneurs is that people around them say people would never pay $xx for your product, but really that person would never pay at all. he positioned himself as the talented artist that gave you stress free service. the myth of the starving artist at i will teach you to be rich. very close to the north hollywood arts district, i have met numerous artists, from both ends of the spectrum. all the artists in the comments who have not mentioned the above, just shows how many people must skip over the introductions. you write a blog about your art itself and your artistic journey, or an art-related blog like this one, and whether you are trying to increase your art sales, or sell your own or someone else’s ebooks or products, the number one thing to remember is to write great content that will provide value to your readers. main reason you go to art school is to learn to make quality art that's good enough to sell, or at least that's why you think you're going, right? psychology is a huge part an artist’s income, and an artist must have thick skins to succeed. artists who undercharge aren’t making their art a business, it’s a fun hobby and they sell their work because if they didn’t their house would get too full and you can only give away so much to your friends and family.

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defining your market as a fine artist takes pinpoint precision because value is subjective, and this can sometimes take many years to master which can mean losing money until you figured it out. i think we need to take comfort in the great successful artists that have gone before us, then study and follow in their footsteps., a friend of mine mentioned on facebook that she was trying to raise some extra money because she wanted to move to nyc to pursue her dream.► how to make sure anyone who's interested in your art is able to buy something, regardless of how little or how much they have to spend. post, and i really appreciate artists getting addressed on a website about wealth. they’re uncomfortable with asking for money and don’t do a good job educating people as to why their price is justified. but there other methods of making money that you may not be aware of. the difference is measuring results: ent’s are objectively quantifiable ($) and artists are more subjective, as others noted.[…] came across the myth of the starving artist a while back and recently re-read it. often wonder how so many artists know so little about how the art business works and what they have to do to sell art, and i often seem to end up at the same place-- art school and arts education in general. only those who are discipline and study will prosper, artist is just like any other profession…. obvious way to make money is to sell your artwork itself, but it can also be very lucrative to sell prints of your work to earn a little passive income. explains a lot about why i hate artists (and most non-profits). feel that, from a young age, people who want to make a living out of their art are discouraged from asking for money. webster says that art describes something produced as an artistic effort or for decorative purposes and i won’t even go into its usage as a noun.’d also like to add that i don’t think the bohemian thing is why artists are often poor.*)i agree passion is good to have as an artist, but ‘crazy=rich’ is another cliche, every one expect artists to be weirdos, it is called crazy=fake. i see great work, but it’s sad to see such dedicated artists working so hard just to belittle themselves to products. on the contrary, earning a steady living wage is the highest standard of economic success for a working artist in any field. that article felt like it was really going somewhere, right up until the moment when you summarized the entire point of the article with, “the secret is changing the connection between my self-worth and money; and learning what i needed to do in order to make money! i believe the single most important difference between the successful and ‘starving’ artists is their self-confidence and how much they feel their work is needed.*i agree: entrepreneurs and artists are coming from a very similar, highly creative, self-directed place. i was really excited for her because she’s a tremendously talented artist. How to an ebook and sell write 

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@noadi – there are a lot of artists who struggle to get by. to add to what you said: when picasso was born the world population was 978 million, and lets say for argument sake the artist per capita was one out of 30. if you’re enjoying yourself, and make a comfortable living, then you at least can say that you’re not starving, but yes, you have had to sacrifice some of your creativity to do it. that is the big elephant in the room that does not get acknowledge in solving the financial problems of fine artists and not because “we did not give ourself permission” to make money. it was so bad that my normally supportive mom actually said, “umm…if you’re going to draw a tree, why don’t you make it look like a tree? this is one that i struggled with early as an artist, and again as a budding entrepreneur. he then told me that i too could make it, and to never sell out my “fellow artists” for a paycheck. i think the models there get £30 for a two hour session, so the money is not bad. there are cities all over the country that are desperately trying to attract artist communities to their cities. wanna be a famous artist and make lots of money. i messaged her and offered to help her come up with some good ways to do that (i do a lot of work with artists, especially in teaching them how to sell art online).[…] up is from ramit’s blog : i will teach you to be rich which is a great mindset article which although focuses on why artists don’t make money, […]. you might consider injecting one or two adjectives into that statement to attribute some clarification, such as “i hate lousy art [and] clueless artists (and most superfluous non-profits). week i heard a story about an artist who makes handmade buttons at parties. artist’s just need help becoming business people, thinking in business terms rather than from emotions where art lives. make art, get it out there in every way possible, listen to what people say, get a sense of who likes what and why, figure out how to price it so it sells, and show it whenever and wherever you get the chance, both online and at physical locations. life is what you make of it and you should ask for what you are worth..I’ve been trying to find ways to make money but most people i know( i’m african) don’t read. they’re one-time gambles for both the artist and the producer. if prospective students had any idea how tough making a living as an artist is, how good they have to be to make those livings, and how hard art is to sell, art schools would get fewer 0,000's than they get now. they have a passion for something that can make a difference in people’s lives. typically these are “fine artists” and the starving act is more about the image than about their skill. kind of stuff in that position myself, the phase of turning it into an income is not easy, i take any advertising i’ll get, i get a fairly decent amount, but still don’t make anywhere near a livable income, i don’t think i am that talents but i think i could make a living off of it in time.

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that comes down to how professional you are as an artist. artists, we will always hear this line, “well, i really love your work, but i just can’t afford it given my budget., at least with writing, i see a lot of resistance to supporting oneself through more “corporate” gigs, to make the money while you’re working on your “creative” stuff. the upside is that the art world and artist are up for a redefinition of marketing, value, object and substance that will directly influence their finances. every last bit of this has to do with your survival as an artist. i’m self taught but i work and practice litterally any time i’m not at work, and right now i’m out of work so there are days when i do it 18 hours a day or more, and i’m not complaining i enjoy it, i just don’t enjoy arguing over pricing, when i’m already making less than i would make at minimum wage on average. i know awesome artists who value their time and work so highly, that they put a premium on it. here’s the real problem in the marketplace: both individual arts and artists suffer from a ridiculously-proportioned supply and demand problem.*the subjective part of art makes it easier for posers and dilettantes to try to sneak into the ranks. may be a ‘struggling artist’, but i’m also an entrepeneur, and most of those i work with don’t at all believe in the myth of selling out, actually encourage correct pricing, chose to work in their field (and get swamped with projects – that’s the real trap), and don’t wait around for others to hand work to them. to get art & artist grantsgenerating income from art in the form of either cash or cash equivalents is always challenging. artists as a whole have low to no self esteem when it comes to their work. artists’ insights into how to make creativity your day job →. have had a lot of starving artist clients and they are warm, wonderful people but just don’t know how to play business. the number of times i’ve wasted money, effort, etc in chasing projects that fell through; people who were dodgy; projects that i ended up hating because it wasn’t right for me… etc.), that selling art is not only irrelevant, but it debases the experience of being an artist. there is no template you can apply to artists from every genre when it comes to how to make money unless you remember that it’s a business first, and a solid business model will always provide solid results. seems to be a commonly held misconception among ‘non-creatives’ that it’s very difficult to make any money from art. you’re having to look for work, you probably want to find something art-related, so that even though you’re not actually working on your own art, you can still be in an artistic environment and you’ll get chance to mingle with other artists. change your bio to read: “cory hugg couldn’t make money or be successful as an actor. the reason i’ve gotten annoyed is because everyday, i see examples of artists who are not starving, who are making responsible financial decisions. it’s hard to charge a decent amount of money for art if you aren’t a “big name” even if your work is good.[…] was around this point i came across cory’s guest post on iwtytbr and that theme of ‘the starving artist is a myth’ chimed with everything i had been […].


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simply speaking, often times the only thing holding back an artist from making more money is themselves. after all, artists innovate — it’s what we do, no matter what our medium is.: there’s a glut of people who want to make art (visual and performing) and a scarcity of people who want to buy it. you are really really good and in high demand those game companies or movies studio will give you whatever number you ask for (six to seven figures salary is achievable, not many people know that great professional artists in demand of current market would make that kind of figures). point someone made earlier is huge: the amount of artists in the world has grown exponentially, but the art buyers have not kept up in the same proportions. i do art part-time and make a good 2nd income compared to part-time artists (i think). make a reasonable living with my art (comedy and music), but i know plenty that don’t. here are the top 10 ways that artists can make money. they’ll have to stop believing in the myth of the starving artist. convert art-making skills and mindsets into money-making services, as many of the commenters here appear to have done successfully. they told me… “oh, you know, it’s because of the starving artists thing…”.@hani – pricing, selling to clients – that’s exactly what i help artists with. you have any other unusual ideas for earning money as an artist? one fact the schools conveniently seem to overlook, however, is that if you can't make money making art, you have to either slow down and take a day job or stop making it altogether. so (a) selling art is really hard and (b) making a living as an artist is even harder and (c) if you're going to make a living as an artist, you have to convince people to take interest in your art (hopefully to the point of buying it) at least as well as you can make it. which is the other problem: if you’re are doing well, the other artists accuse you of selling out. artists believe that the poverty and suffering that comes from this kind of busyness is conducive to better art – but i disagree. my main takeaway really is that, artist or not, you project or set your own worth. hope this list has provided you with some idea of how you might earn some extra income from your artistic ability. and i do think it applies to business owners almost as much as artists. when people run your work down, it’s hard to see it as valuable and some artists succumb to that way of thinking. if kickstarter is a one-night stand, patreon is going steady, opening a direct, ongoing dialogue between an artist and her patrons. the more people who visit your site, the more sales you are likely to make.

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when iwillteachyoutoberich reader cory huff read my guidelines for writing a guest post and pitched me on the myth of the starving artist, i jumped at the chance to run it. also i’m glad that you’ve lead us to cory, despite the fact you hate artists 🙂 thanks! the notion of “selling out” isn’t opposition to selling work for money; it is opposition to success through doing something like what thomas kinkade does. could write a guide to sculpture for complete beginners, or the complete guide to wedding photography, or possibly a series of shorter books on different aspects of your artistic field. is my opinion, and some will want to lynch me for this, that artists and entrepreneurs come from very similar backgrounds. a week the owner never heard back from his artist friends and after realizing how much those “glossy club” style cards go far he agreed to pay here 5 per card. fact, there is a wide variety of ways in which you can make money as an artist. the truth is that there are a lot of artists, and a lot of entrepreneurs, who self-sabotage. artists using their lack of connections, lack of skill, lack of confidence, lack of whatever as an excuse to not succeed. art schools dismiss the art business altogether by intimating that making art is pure while making money is not, making art is a "calling" while other professions are not (oh really? he gets no money because he doesn’t demand it. i’m not starving, and neither are most of my artist and designer friends. ten percent of art-school graduates make a living from their artwork. the artists i want to reach are the ones who agree. the book was wildly popular and it became trendy to be a poor artist. there are no direct production costs once you’ve written the book, and no shipping costs, so every penny you make in sales is yours to keep. you can easily exhaust your money-making options touring your professional acting troupe to australia for instance. reason it is hard for artist to get decent coin for their work is one they are not good business people, two so many are so freakin happy to have someone make an offer they wet their pants in anticipation of a sale without really thinking it through! know one artist, he has a 2 million dollar house in hollywood hills and enjoys a comfortable life as a painter and an activist. i once knew a self-styled “artist” who was in a band, but had a curious aversion to practicing.” the only thing i can think of whenever i hear that statement is, “you are right, if your perception of your own work is that it isn’t worth the money, then it isn’t. vie de boheme – the original starving artists — the abundant artist the abundant artist april 7, 2010. many people who aren’t artists wonder this, and many seasoned artists wonder the same thing!

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-i was an art student ( sculpting and water color) i think part of the problem is as referenced before there is a certain nobility of being a starving artist ( total crap). converting your skills into the ability to make money and produce things people actually want is a separate activity from making things that are personally fulfilling that may not ever sell. it’s clear by the entry that you, with cory’s help, meant to provide some aide to the confused, bewildered, and pugnacious sort — those altogether still as mystified as they were in grade school about what it really means to make enlightened contributions to society, its nature/artifice — but overall i’d hate to be dispelled by the general notion that, despite everything, the author of one of my favorite new books feels nothing but contempt in the presence of picasso or arpita singh. more information on creating a successful blog, read make your art blog matter. it seems like everyone there knew that this artist should be charging more., we have tons of artists (photographers, designers, etc) in my earn1k course. this is why you hate the symbol representing the starving artist and also why you are an artist yourself.’m not naive — i know that no one model will fit all artists. you believe that with a quality art education, you can make a living as an artist, like med students believe about med school and law students believe about law school. for most of us, i believe it’s all about finding the right path for us, and not someone else, because there’s no guide to success for every single artist in their particular style and method of working (as much as the op can try to convince us otherwise). along the way, you'll meet plenty of people, make connections, and those individuals you impress the most will eventually introduce you to others who can do more for you. i will teach you to be rich talks about why it seems that artists are bad with money. i work in puppetry, and most people think that because they can make a puppet out of a sock and some buttons, that you can produce something looking like a henson muppet for the same cost. it could well be that they find their niche and end up fabulously successful – but first they’ll have to make the decision to be ready for more. i don’t know if i’m a great example of the artist-entrepreneur, but i’m making a comfortable living and paying down my debt pretty quickly. general public need to be as educated as the artist is, otherwise the artist (without realising it) lowers their costs to suit what they think their market will pay. i didn’t believe that it was possible to make the kind of money that i make now. he is probably the highest earning artist alive right now, by all financial standards he is “successful,” but to the artistic community and (depending on your taste) all of society, he hasn’t really contributed much. if the answer is that no one cares about it, or no one thinks it’s worth buying, however, you’ve got some tougher decisions to make. comments on 8 alternative ways to earn money from your creativity. but there is no art without artists, and there are no artists without compensation. however those stories don’t make for the right stereotype and if we don’t conform to this stereotype we must not exist right? well, artists and arts organizations need to apply some harsh reality to their decision making.

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had a caricature of myself drawn by a street artist years ago. i have artist friends in the city(manhattan) that will do it for much less! i’m an artist in video games and see the same attitudes when it comes to art that isn’t technically challenging. kind of service has the advantage of providing ongoing monthly income, but on the other hand, you need to make sure you can continue to deliver great value every month, or people will unsubscribe. i’m an intelligent artist, can follow instructions, plans and outlined rational thoughts, and even i’m sometimes caught frozen when thinking of setting my own price for a performance. goes back to the thought above – converting your skills to something that makes money may not necessarily be what fulfills you. am an artist, well i can’t say am comfortable, but i can say am, ok, well how can i contact you. i work in a professional art field for video games and movies, and none of them that i know are starving and most of them are pretty badass artists. don’t agree 100% on what you wrote cory ( i think that yokoso had one or two points, contemporary art world is a jungle ) but the whole concept of ” swichting your relationship between your self-worth and money”… whoa… i couldn’t have been more with you on this! more artist respected their time and their craft this pricing issue would go away overnight! an artist is able to look past these symbols and communicate their view of the world through a chosen medium. people expect a lot of crazy, creative things from artists and entrepreneurs, and they’re willing to pay for it. though i have to admit, the industry for professional concept artists, matte painters, 3d artist, etc. patreon, for example, favors prolific artists who already have a following and who thrive on a close relationship with fans. look in cafes – much of the art there got the sweet spot because the artist walked in and said, “hey, will you show my stuff? both deal in ideas, but conservatives (the first inclination of most businesspeople) like really concrete ideas while artists like abstract ideas. am a professional drama artist , dancer and also teach kids drama and dance . when a great artist finally figures out how to make money he/she is said to have ‘sold out’. my second goal was to make a living solely from writing. you can look up (google) jeremy lipkings, richard schmid,Great artists always going to make money no matter where they are if they take it seriously and professionally. art industry as a whole faces a lack respect that makes it hard to charge fair prices. just because i hate art, but because artists are terrible at marketing themselves and constantly adopt worthless beliefs like:“charging for my art is selling out”. i realize this post is about really niche audience, but i think there are lots of great points to be taken by non-artists.

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someone currently unemployed but spending every waking minute on my art and barely seeing any money on it, i think it’s also insulting to say it’s all about laziness. i had too much self- respect to do the starving artist thing, i couldn’t see myself altering so much of myself to sell-out on a consistent basis (i’ve done some freelance graphics work from time to time just for some extra money), so the way to be most true to myself was actually to head in a different career path, something else that i also enjoy..the problem is we make close to nothing for that something. there are great artists who know how to make money and who value themselves. but i’m trying to figure out the recipe for how to make money from my writing and still feel inspired. think most people who do art are used to not making money and have no training in marketing themselves. of the best pieces of advice i ever received is that your current project (painting, cd, film, photo, whatever) is a snap shot of where you are as an artist right now. of course artists know that to make money, you must sell work. ten percent of art school graduates make a living from their artwork. …i’m alattar …and i was wondering how can i make some money on my drawings? money will always be about spending less than you make and trees will always have bark and leaves. i think success as an artist comes from being world class at what you do (read outliers by malcolm gladwell) and hopefully that one thing is in demand. artists have bought into a romanticized notion that art is somehow more legitimate if it is created by poor people. lori mcnee has compiled a list of the top 10 ways for artists to make money, most of which are based on selling your art. i’ve gotten fairly annoyed at ramit’s comments about artists lately, so this is wonderful. if people love someone like ramit, they’ll love artists even more (sorry, ramit – as much as you make fun of us, people love artists).: if you recognize the starving artist in yourself, what are you going to do about it? yet a thick skin in some way opposes the need for an artist to be sensitive, open and creative. what if they have a reputation for not paying artists after they sell their art? have friends who are talented but do not recognize that and instead get stuck in a job where they can’t really express their artistic side. i want to meet the artists who think they can be wealthy and successful, they just need a little help to do it. but i’ve become increasingly frustrated with activism that focuses on trying to make gatekeepers aware of problems, such as low or nonexistent pay, or gender, color and class biases. would say that the main reason artists fail in business is because most other businesses also fail. Easy no fee work at home jobs -

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artists constantly complain about money because they have horrible moronic and self-destructive beliefs. an artist who is good with her money and making a nice income i’ll just say if i wrote what i really think of your post it would probably set off some sort of profanity filter.@cory – i think the psychological block is part parents freaking out about how their children will make a living (i come from first-and-second-generation immigrant families), part glorification of sports over art in school (sports make money and are exciting to watch), and part plain reality: it is hard to make money in a pursuit that is so highly subjective. there are plenty of artists making a good living off their art and who manage their money well. i don’t yet make a living wage, but that’s my goal. they might as well just call themselves hippies or free spirit wanderer instead of artist. this notion was popularized in the mid-19th century by the writer henri murger, who wrote scènes de la vie de bohème a famous french novel about a group of poor artists living in the bohemian quarter of paris.’s probably because my artwork is very niche and i’m probably less than 10 artists that specialize in the filipino writing script (baybayin). just think that some people are just lazy and have no idea what they really want to do…one of the easiest way out is let’s be an artist, then start throwing paint around with no training or discipline. so as a fine artist you are starting your career at a crippling disadvantage with a next to none profit margin. this is why artists like koons and hirst push the envelope and win big time. it’s just as true that those that are great at money are terrible at art. but i would argue figure out what makes you money, and that gives you the freedom to work on the things that you do find fulfilling. the serious artist today is about being yourself and being very professional and articulate.? that doesn’t even cover my time to make the invoice. issue of artists and the market is also interesting, because artists need to sell to an audience who values them, in every sense of the word. am trying to translate these concepts to that of a performing artist, and i am seriously struggling to do so. is another obvious career choice for artists, especially if they like the ‘security’ of being employed and getting a regular salary. a few books worth reading are the artist’s way, by julia cameron,the war of art by steven pressfield, and i’d rather be in the studio, by alysson stanfield. often markets demand that artists compromise, and this manipulates the art. always like to point out to people that say poor people are better artists that most of the great artists in history where actually from wealthy families… that’s how they afforded to spend there time learning art., i truly believe you need to flip the switch from making art to making art and money.@katy – i wasn’t saying that bohemia was the cause of artists being poor, only the thing that made it popular and chic..

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these both take the artist’s subjective judgement out of the picture. we know you want to do whatever you love, but why not learn about business/marketing and then make great art and money? artists who wish to make a living working their craft have three options, as i see it:1. course the article is of value, but i am perplexed as to why you would hold such bitterness toward artists or people who hold self-destructive beliefs, let alone express it. can ask what has this got to do with artists making money? the availability of foundation money has allowed us arts organizations to get a little soft about whether or not the art that we are producing and/or presenting is relevant to the audiences that we seek. what i agree and disagree with this article:*)the so called “myth of the starving artist” is what people want to think artists think about themselves, it is offensive. are a few dozen contemporary artists who are doing a smashing job of thinking outside the box. main reason i haven’t tried to make money off my art (photography and painting) is that i have no idea how to start. the artists on etsy are very talented, but the site has not made it very conducive to finding the art a buyer might be looking for. the schools might identify or define themselves with loftier lingo, but show me an art student who doesn't expect to make a living as an artist once they graduate with a degree and i'll show you a five-eared elephant. the rest who undercharge, some buy into the starving artist myth but a lot just aren’t very good and use it to make excuses for why people don’t buy their work. starving artist myth forces artists down a path that isn’t helpful. am not in full control of how much money i make. it’s just that artists have less of an interest in doing the ‘boring’ stuff (ie. are to many artists and their objects for the demand out there. they prioritize their own economic survival over that of artists, and, in my experience respond to stress by becoming more risk-averse, not less. personally, i think one of the biggest problems in theatre here is that artists undervalue themselves. i don’t want to waste time and become a well payed artist on a young age. is a huge topic, and probably deserves a post of its own, but writing a blog is one of the best ways to earn more money as an artist.: artists send out tons of these random requests to galleries and other art business professionals like myself, messages in bottles tossed onto the sea, believing that someone somewhere will ultimately respond-- perhaps the good fairy, perhaps the white knight, perhaps me-- and rescue them, and whoosh them away to fame, fortune and scrillions of dollars. as cory said, if you can make enough money then you can live comfortably and focus on doing what you love, instead of worrying about when your creditors will chase after you. there are a few different ways to earn money by writing a blog, some better than others.

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’d rather find — or invent — new economic models that place artists first. don’t think that artists necessarily must be poor, but i do believe that there needs to be some suffering. he makes people some people angry – but he’s making a ton of money doing it. i was an art/art history major in school and i grew so tired of the long winded-ness of the artist’s statement and how the *artist* felt or what the *artist* was trying to communicate. i wanted to learn how to make things (like bronze sculptures), not carry on about why i drew that line there. in all honesty the hair went up on the back of my neck when i read that you “…hate artists. if it doesn’t, the producer often looks for another artist. how much time do you think gallery owners or other art people have to critique your art, critique your website, make suggestions about where to go with your career, send you a list of agents or reps, and for good measure, throw in some contact information for national and/or international galleries? a big part of an artistic career is having to deal with loads of rejection on a daily basis. just remember that anything that provides value to someone can be exchanged for money. yes, he might accidentally teach a lesson to these godforsaken artists, but mostly it’s just a chance to mock these terribly self-destructive beliefs. i know i’m about to sound a little snobbish or elitest, but animators, illustrators, graphic artists, jingle writers, thomas kincade, wedding photographers, comedians, and sit-com writers you have made your art from the perspective of making it marketable. is a romantic, bohemian notion of the artist just doing art for art’s sake, but too often the extreme end of the spectrum ruins it for the rest of us. da vinci used his talents as a artist and inventor to make a pretty good living. all the social networking sites are very helpful for artists to get their work out there, too. note that this question isn’t about whether or not you should make art – anyone should make art if they wish to. the last 150 years, murger’s ideas became entrenched in popular culture, and artists hold to the notion that art is a product of the financially unsound and morally superior.’s the thing about the corporate types -they know how to present themselves- brand themselves,-package it up – but a big shiny bow on themselves and make everyone pay the big bucks to get to them and their work. if the gamble pays off, the artist gets another chance.…if you’re an artist, give your work a chance., there are some people who do the “starving artist” thing- these are the same untalented douche bags that pull out their guitars just to try to get laid.” i actually read the entire post 3 times before i realized the term artist is used way too loosely. being in touch with emotion and having strong technique make better art.  How do i get work from home-

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every time i do meet an “artist” that buys into the “starving artist” nonsense is because they are ‘wannabes’ or they are looking for a way out. wrote about this in detail when i wrote attention whiners: why you still aren’t saving money and highlighted that it’s not tactics, but mindset that often separates people who do from people who whine. but even that's tough because dealers already have mechanisms in place for finding art and artists they can represent and sell. are as many ways to sell art and become successful as an artist as there are artists. generally, they assume that if a writer is talented and works hard enough, she’ll get discovered and make a living for the rest of her life. are great tips for established artists, but what i want to share here are some alternative artistic money-making ideas which might be more realistic options for someone just starting out down a creative career path. use this quick reference guide to help you make it as a career artist. 🙂 those artists you are talking about are probably just a wanna be or a self proclaim artists with no clients, with all do respect. a lot of great fine artists that i know make some serious money painting oil. check out this post on emptyeasel by dan on the top 9 reasons every artist should have an art blog. an artist is not about living out of a shoe box to prove your worthiness: it is having the confidence in yourself, believing in your talent and what you do, and having strong enough passion to convince others that you love and respect your own art. imo, people are afraid to ask for real and reasonable money for their work, and that drags overall prices down when someone basically gives away their services for free. if you are good and make it into the real world of professional, then you will make good living. final way to make money on a blog is through pay-per-click advertising, such as google adsense.” it’s almost impossible to make it as an entrepreneur without some help.► how to show your art in ways that make it appealing to potential buyers. we all know how much money doctors and attorneys make, but we're less clear on how much money artists make, not to mention what they have to do in order to make it. artists constantly complain about money because they have horrible moronic and self-destructive beliefs. i would love to read an article written by an acclaimed artist with an extensive resume that can give me numbers and how to create loopholes in the current industry not this outdated “19th-century-artists-want-to-be-starving” cliche. things that (i think) are worth spending money on: the irrational things that make no financial sense, but you love, and anything that gives you the potential to make more money.'s more of what you have to learn in order to become successful as an artist:► how to talk and write about your art in ways people understand, regardless of how little or how much they know about art. do you have a list of agents or artist reps? artwork is the obvious way for an artist to make money, but have you considered any of these alternative ways to earn extra income from your art?

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